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Registered Companies

Oxford Instruments plc (registered no. 775598)
Oxford Instruments Nanotechnology Tools Limited also trading as Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis, Oxford Instruments NanoScience and Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology (registered No. 704320)
Oxford Instruments Industrial Products Limited also trading as Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis and (registered No. 1044063)
Omicron UHV Technik Limited (registered No. 04056652)
Andor Technology Limited (registered No. NI022466)

Oxford Instruments Overseas Marketing Limited (registered No. 2418844)

All are registered in England, with their Registered Office at Tubney Woods, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX13 5QX, with the exception of Andor Technology Limited, which has its Registered Office at 7 Millenium Way, Springvale Business Park, Belfast, BT12 7AL


  • Oxford Instruments specialises in the design and manufacture of high-technology tools and systems for industry and research.


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