Customer Focus and Service

Building effective customer relationships is essential to achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty and is central to our business. We seek to demonstrate our values of being inclusive, trusted, wholehearted, innovative and progressive at all our touchpoints with customers.

We continue to focus on how we listen to customers and understand the challenges they face to ensure we provide solutions that will meet their needs and further their capabilities. Launching and supporting new products is an important part of this. The percentage of revenue that is made up of products launched or acquired in the last three years is a key indicator of the vitality of our new product development and was at 31% for the financial year 2016/17.

Externally, we continue to use a wide range of communication channels to keep our stakeholders up to date. This includes business‑specific newsletters, emails and social media messaging. The Group websites are mobile responsive, with a growing number of visitors viewing the sites on a mobile or tablet device.