Diversity and Inclusion

Our objective is to ensure that we have a high capability, diverse workforce that enables us to better understand our customers and markets; with a broad range of perspectives and experiences that maximise our capability to innovate, make the right decisions and exceed our customers’ expectations. In order to retain, attract and enable the best people to perform, we need to create an inclusive environment and culture, where difference is valued and people are recognised for what they bring to the team and what they deliver.

To support this, we are enhancing our focus on the social environment and culture that we create globally. Selection, promotion and succession planning processes ensure that we recruit, train and promote the best candidates based on suitability for the role. Our managers receive unconscious bias training through our MDP. In addition, we have enhanced our leave and flexible working schemes to attract and retain a diverse workforce.

We continue to work towards an environment where the gender balance of our managers also reflects the Company’s gender balance globally.

Gender Diversity

Female Male
Oxford Instruments 22.0% 78.0%
Board 17.0% 83.0%
Management Board 25.0% 75.0%
Managers 20.0% 80.0%
Employees 22.0% 78.0%