27 Feb


Opening the door for a new direction in dilution refrigerator development

Unlock new applications, maximise system value and gain greater control over experimental set-up with the ProteoxTM system from Oxford Instruments. A new innovation from the pioneers in dilution refrigerator technology.

The Proteox dilution refrigerator has been fully re-developed to provide an interchangeable, experimental unit that can support multiple users and a variety of experiments from a single experimental system. This is achieved by a side-loading ‘secondary insert’ module that allows samples, communications wiring and signal-conditioning components to be installed and changed whenever necessary.

Our development team have recognised that to optimise for such a wide range of applications, adaptability needs to be designed in as the very foundation of the system," says Matt Martin, The Engineering Director at Oxford Instruments NanoScience. "This configurability allows us to offer more tailored solutions and experimental set-ups on standard lead times. It also provides our customers with maximised future-proofing against changing requirements in a dynamic research landscape", commented Matt.

Quantum applications are a key driving factor for cryogenic innovation, placing increasing demands on experimental volume and wiring capacity. The Proteox system addresses these market demands through increased line-of sight-access, wider plate spacings and a 50% increase in mixing chamber plate area.

Ease of use and ease of service are achieved through a fully redeveloped, web-based control system, providing remote connectivity and enhanced data visualisation capabilities. Further benefits in system control are gained through a patented gas-gap heat-switch system that can actively adjust the thermal conductivity between experimental plates.

This is the first release of a new family of Proteox dilution refrigerators that will all share the same modular layout to provide cross-compatibility and added flexibility for cryogenic installations.

Oxford Instruments will be presenting the new Proteox dilution refrigerator at the upcoming key Physics conferences, including APS March Meeting(Denver, CO, USA, 2-4 March) and the DPG March Meeting (Dresden, Germany,16-18 March).

More information on Proteox can be found at: nanoscience.oxinst.com/proteox