01 May 2012

Oxford Instruments launches new solution for EDS on TEM: AZtecTEM

Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis, a world leader in microanalysis software and systems, has announced the launch of AZtecTEM, EDS software for the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). Since the launch of the AZtec microanalysis system for the Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) in April 2011, the TEM community has been eagerly awaiting the introduction of AZtecTEM.

AZtecTEM packs innovative tools and technologies into a platform specifically designed for the TEM user. It unleashes the potential of the latest generation of large area SDDs, the X-MaxTEM, to enable high quality data acquisition even when counts are low. Unique Tru-Q analysis algorithms bring new levels of certainty and detail to sample analysis. For the first time, TEM users will be able to see true chemical variations in real-time using AZtec’s overlap corrected TruMap and TruLine scans. At the same time, AZtecTEM uses predictive and reactive routines to automatically correct microscope drift, vital when collecting data at the nanoscale. 

Dr. Ian Barkshire, Managing Director NanoAnalysis, commented, “Working at the frontiers of nanotechnology, we have developed an enviable reputation for innovation and quality of analysis. AZtecTEM is the result of our 30 years of TEM experience being applied to solve real world TEM challenges.”