22 March 2019

Oxford Instruments and Chinese Academy of Sciences Strengthen Ties

Advanced cryogenic systems to be supplied to new laboratory facilities at the Chinese Academy’s Institute of Physics

Oxford Instruments, a leading provider of high technology products and systems for industry and research, today announces winning the global tender to supply its market leading cryogenic equipment to the Institute of Physics-Chinese Academy of Sciences (“IOP-CAS”) — a renowned research institute in fundamental study of condensed matter physics.  Multiple advanced cryogenic systems will be installed at a new “Synergistic Extreme Conditions User Facility” at the Huairou Science City development in Beijing.  This new collaboration further strengthens the long-standing relationship between Oxford Instruments and the IOP-CAS, building on the performance and reliability of the many systems previously provided by Oxford Instruments to IOP-CAS’s existing laboratories.


The supply agreement encompasses state-of-the-art superconducting magnet systems together with advanced dilution refrigerator systems, which will help to establish a world-leading synergetic user facility that integrates various extreme conditions. This will allow researchers to make ground breaking discoveries of new material states, states of matter and novel phenomena, furthering our understanding of the structure, properties and performance of these materials on a quantum scale.   The complete suite of systems will be delivered to IOP-CAS in a staged plan through 2020 and 2021.


Ian Barkshire, Chief Executive of Oxford Instruments, commented: “This is an excellent example of the growth we are seeing from customers involved in Physical Science Research and Quantum Technologies where our key enabling technologies and advanced solutions enable fundamental research and accelerate our customers applied R&D. We are delighted to be the provider of choice to the renowned Institute of Physics in Beijing.  This underlines Oxford Instruments’ status as a world leader in state-of-the art technology solutions that create unique environments and enable measurements down to the molecular and atomic level.”