11 June 2013

Launch of a Revolutionary Gas Injection System: OmniGIS II

OmniGIS II Multiple Gas Delivery System for SEM and FIB

Oxford Instruments, a leading supplier of nanomanipulation and nanofabrication tools, has released the OmniGIS II, a revolutionary single-port, multiple-gas injection system. It enables users to construct nanostructures in the SEM or FIB with unprecedented precision, speed and usability.

Gas Injection Systems (GIS) introduce a controlled flow of gas directly over a sample. Interaction with the microscope electron or ion beam results in material etching or deposition of a solid structure, depending on the gas chemistry. Applications range from sample preparation and nanowelding, to the creation of nanostructures by direct-write lithography, thus achieving maskless nanopatterning.

OmniGIS II, the second generation system from Oxford Instruments, has unique features that enable a level of control and accuracy never before seen in the industry. Vent-free auto-ID cartridges facilitate fast and easy source changes, providing expandable source capacity with up to three precursors and two gases connected at the same time. A “flow-through” carrier approach promotes efficient chemical delivery and rapid processing, while pressure feedback control provides automated tuning to a wide range of chamber pressures for fast processing at high pressures or high resolution nanopatterning at low pressures.

Del Redfern, Marketing Director of Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis, stated, “In a little under two years since our acquisition of Omniprobe, new and innovative flagship products have been introduced that deliver groundbreaking performance to the nanofabrication market.”