1st August 2018

Announcing the handover of EDS systems sales & maintenance and the completion of the OEM contract with HORIBA, Ltd.

Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis, the global leader in microanalysis systems, today announces the termination of its long standing partnership with HORIBA, Ltd for the distribution of EDS systems sales and maintenance work under the EMAX brand in Japan and Asia, and the handover of all activity from Horiba to Oxford Instruments directly. Oxford Instruments will now provide a direct sales and maintenance service to all existing and future customers in Japan and Asia for all micro analysis products.

Since the year 2000, HORIBA has coordinated the sales of the EMAX series (EDS/WDS/EBSD) of energy dispersive X-ray analysers for electron microscopes in Japan and the Asia region under an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreement with Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis.   HORIBA Techno Service Co., Ltd., a service-oriented subsidiary of HORIBA and member of the extended HORIBA Group, has been in charge of maintenance operations for the EMAX Series throughout this same period.

An agreement was recently reached between HORIBA and Oxford Instruments to terminate the aforementioned OEM arrangement as of September 30, 2018, with the sales and maintenance operations of the EMAX Series in Japan and Asia to be transferred from the control of the HORIBA Group to Oxford Instruments. In keeping with this accord, it is hereby requested that all inquiries related to orders and other matters concerning the EMAX Series be directed to Oxford Instruments from October 1, 2018.

HORIBA extend their heartfelt gratitude for the long years of patronage of the EMAX Series and look forward to continued business relations with Oxford Instruments subsequent to the transfer of operations.

Oxford Instruments are committed to working closely with HORIBA group to ensure a smooth transition for our existing customers over this period.


Please direct enquiries as follows:


Inquiries to Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments KK
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E-mail: emax.jp@oxinst.com 
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General Inquiries in Asia
Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis Asia
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Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis China
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Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Australia and New Zealand
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Republic of Korea
Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis South Korea
Contact: Jiwoo Hong, Sales Manager South Korea
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Inquiries to HORIBA

HORIBA, Ltd.  Science. Semiconductor Business Strategy Office Business Planning Team
TEL: 075-325-5173          FAX: 075-312-7389