13 August 2012

Groundbreaking NanoAnalysis products launched at M&M

Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis, a leading supplier of microanalysis products, performed a major hardware launch at the Microanalysis and Microscopy show in Phoenix USA. The company introduced a new range of SDD detectors, a new high-speed EBSD camera, and a new nanomanipulator.

X-MaxN exploits a new sensor chip, new electronics, and innovative packaging to deliver a truly ‘next generation’ SDD performance. It comes in a range of detector sizes, from 20 mm2 for microanalysis up to an astounding 150 mm2 for advanced nanoanalysis. The latter is the largest SDD in the market and delivers more than double the speed of anything else. All detectors provide the same superb low energy performance the same excellent energy resolution, with count rates that are proportional to sensor size. X-MaxN is available for SEM and TEM, and there is a windowless option for the very best low energy performance on a TEM.

The new NordlysMax2 EBSD camera achieves 870 points per second acquisition and indexing performance in real-time. Uniquely, this speed is maintained when collecting EBSD and EDS data simultaneously, and even at beam currents down to 4 nA.  This blistering performance means that materials can be fully characterised 30% faster than before.  The new camera joins the NordlysNano high-sensitivity detector that was launched last year at M&M.

The OmniProbe 400 nanomanipulator uses new all-piezo drive to provide closed-loop controlled motion in 4 degrees of freedom at the nanoscale. Ideal for high resolution and high throughput nanomanipulation and sample preparation, it is the first product to be launched following the acquisition of Omniprobe Inc. in 2011.