FREE Webinar: Exploring flatlands: fabrication technologies

Exploring Flatlands: fabrication technologies | 12th November at 3:30pm GMT
Hosted by Oxford Instruments and the IOP

Oxford Instruments and the IOP will host a webinar on 12th November at 3:30pm GMT that will focus on recent advances in research from academic speakers at the forefront of their fields, as well as from Oxford Instruments scientists.

What you will gain from attending this webinar:

  • Understanding of the use of controlled etching processes for novel 2D heterostructures

    Dr Andrey V Kretinin (University of Manchester, UK)

  • Growth and characterization of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride via CVD and plasma-enhanced CVD

    Dr Ravi Sundaram (Oxford Instruments, UK)

  • Use of ALD in the deposition of low-resistance contacts and high-k dielectrics on graphene

    Dr A A Bol (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands)